Kandi Burruss On Marriage To Todd Tucker: “This Is One Of The Best Days Of My Life”

Kandi Burruss is the second “Real Housewife” to get married, following Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, Taylor Armstrong’s marriage. Like all good weddings, the vows and promises that one makes at the altar are always meaningful, even if they don’t always last a lifetime in the wonderful world of celebrity Hollywood.

This Hollywood wedding was no different, as Kandi promised, with all her heart, to love and cherish her new producer husband Todd Tucker, who she has been dating for a relatively short time.

The couple met back in 2011, but like most happenings with celebrities, things often move real fast. Waiting three years to tie the knot is considered quite a wait by some in that world. Kandi Burruss gushed to In Touch about how thrilled she is to finally be marrying the man of her dreams.

She said to the publication: ‘This is one of the best days of my life. And to have just had the wedding of my dreams, it’s all been so beautiful. Now it’s time to party,” adding, “I never imagined that I would marry my best friend. Todd’s been that to me.”

In true celebrity fashion, last week Kandi painted the town red during her bachelorette party, sharing pictures of the night with her fans via Instagram. For his part, Todd Tucker wasn’t going to be left behind, and also had a legendary bachelor bash at Onyx in Atlanta.

Kandi told Us Magazine: “[I was] totally surprised. I used to make jokes with my friends that I [was] part of the Forever Single Club. That’s what I said before, but now I’m totally different.”

Unfortunately, it’s not all plain sailing for Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker. As is always the way, family can be a sticking point and this marriage is no exception. Kandi’s mother Joyce is less than pleased that her baby girl married Tucker, following pretty serious allegations leveled against him of cheating with Kandi’s friend Carmon.

Nevertheless, the wedding went ahead, and everyone wishes Kandi Burruss and her new husband Todd Tucker every success in their new life together.