Pit bull Rescued From Lot Shows The Heart Of Forgiveness

A substantial number of pets get abandoned and abused every day. Gideon was one of those pets. He was found in a dirt lot near the Coachella desert, shaking, sick and hungry. The pit bull was brought to the attention of Annie Hart of the Bill Foundation, who took the two-hour long drive from Los Angeles in order to attempt to rescue the poor dog.

Not many people would approach an un-collared bully breed dog. Bully breeds have a terrible reputation that paints them as violent and difficult to handle. They include such commonly known dog breeds as the Staffordshire bull terrier, American Staffordshire, and the American pit bull terrier. Less known breeds that are part of the label include boxers and Boston terriers. Despite the perceived danger, there are rescuers everywhere, like Hart, who would have done the same thing in this situation.

Gideon was trembling and terrified; almost too nervous to step forward in order to take a piece of food that was thrown in his direction. The reputation of the breed would have shown him attacking or, at the very least, growling at his rescuer. Instead, the pit bull is seen, in the video, in close proximity of cats and casually lassoed by a leash without showing a single sign of aggressive nature.

When the dog was brought to the vet, it was found that he had contracted several significantly contagious bacterial and fungal infections. He had to be quarantined for several weeks as he was treated for his medical issues. Eventually, however, he was not only cured but also returned to a friendly state of joy and comfort.

After being fostered by Angie Star, it was found that Gideon had a microchip. The foster care-taker called the owners, using the information on the chip, and was told, “We don’t want him anymore.” Concerned with the possibility that the contact information could be wrong or out of date, she called the company that was responsible for the microchip. They received the same response when they attempted to call.

In the end, Gideon the pit bull was able to find a loving foster home to recover in. He was lucky, though. Millions of pit bulls each year are euthanized because they can’t be adopted out, or even fostered. Breed Specific Laws (BSL) and bully breed paranoia run rampant due to a history of thugs using the breeds for fighting (something that pit bulls don’t do naturally and must be trained for). However, if a pet owner is educated in the needs of any of the bully breeds and is prepared to take responsibility, pit bulls, and relatives of the pit bull, can make loving and loyal pets.