Mom Beats Up Daughter’s Alleged Bully In a Middle School Cafeteria

No parent wants their child to suffer the torment of bullying. While its quite understandable for a parent to feel protective of their child, there’s also tactful measures that can be taken to resolve the situation. However, one parent decided to take matters into her own hands with a physical approach.

Irea Nall had had enough of her daughter’s alleged bully, so she turned the Groveport Madison Middle School cafeteria upside down! According to the Columbus Dispatch, the 28-year-old mother charged into the building after being denied access by school officials. She made her way toward the cafeteria and caused quite a scene.

Nall reportedly jumped on top of a table and began kicking plates in order to get to the young female student accused of bullying her daughter. But, that’s not all! She actually ended up assaulting and hitting the wrong student! The Groveport Police Department stated that Nall struck the student with a bottle and one of the school’s administrators was also injured while trying to diffuse the situation.

Groveport Police officials also reported that Nall took her daughter and exited the cafeteria, before leaving the school campus. School officials also stated in addition to assault, Nall also violated the school’s safety protocol and guidelines for visitors. She failed to show identification and speak with a security guard upon arrival.

On Sunday, Mar. 30, Nall turned herself in to the Groveport Police. She was charged with assault, inciting panic and aggravated trespassing. Nall’s daughter is reportedly facing one count of disorderly conduct, as well. Prior to turning herself in, she took to Facebook to share her remarks about the charges.

“Well today is the day…….imma let these dumb a–es have me. So I can clear my name up they got me looking bad in theses written statements. now imma tell my story…….ya dig………Not guilty…….”

The best part about the entire debacle is that it was for absolutely nothing. The publication reports that a school investigation later revealed that Nall’s daughter was never bullied at all!

Image(s) via Irea Nall, Facebook