Daniel Bryan VS Randy Orton VS Dave Batista: Daniel Bryan Wins WWE Heavyweight Championship Belt

Randy Orton – Dave Batista has kept / won the WWE Heavyweight Championship Belt from Randy Orton / Dave Batista.

Prior to the main event, Daniel Bryan earned the right to wrestle both Randy Orton and Batista, when he defeated Triple H in the initial match, starting off Wrestlemania XXX. Right now, Daniel is at a clear disadvantage since his left shoulder is heavily bandaged. To make matters worse, Bryan couldn’t even celebrate his victory as Stephanie McMahon slapped him about five to six times, followed by a sneak attack from behind by Triple H. Triple H would conclude his assault by smashing Daniel’s left shoulder with a steel chair. A quick shoot prior to the main event showed Bryan trying to add some mobility into his left shoulder – thought evidently he was in pain.

The main event is happening now and it seems that The Authority wants to stack the odds against Daniel Bryan. Triple H and Stephanie appeared through the crowds to interrupt the match. he even brought in Scott Armstrong, the crooked referee The Authority has used to rig matches against Bryan. Despite the clear disadvantage The Authority has stacked against Bryan, he powered through by knocking out Armstrong, and almost pinning Batista. Triple H of course interfered and brought in his infamous sledgehammer – which Daniel used against him.

The biggest turning point was when Randy Orton and Batista worked together to do a hybrid Batista Bomb/RKO to Daniel Bryan through the table. Bryan was put on a stretcher and was almost wheeled out, until he powered through to get back into the ring.

The attempt to return was worth it because the Yes Movement is alive! With a Running Knee followed by the “Yes” Lock on Batista, Daniel Bryan scored the victory! This is considered a miracle, especially after two grueling matches.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, from the beginning of Dave Batista’s WWE return he declared war on Randy Orton. Some people made jokes about Batista being a metrosexual fashionista but when the animal won Royal Rumble he was one making fun of Vince McMahon. Still, at this point everyone is happy the Yes Movement prevailed at Wrestlemania XXX.