Megalodon Shark Discovered In 'Battlefield 4': Here's How To Find It

Addam Corré

The Megalodon Shark is a prehistoric fantasy creature which, although long extinct, is thought to have roamed the earth in prehistoric waters, consuming whatever it wanted in its destructive path.

But, thanks to modern technology, the 60-foot-long creature has now surfaced again in the classic game 'Battlefield 4' to be found somewhere in the region of the new Naval Strike DLC pack.

But you have to know how to find it...

Jackfrags, a YouTube user knows exactly how to find it and he (or she) very kindly posted it on their YouTube channel for all to enjoy. We have embedded it here for your gaming convenience:

In order to summon the fearsome beast you'll need some time and a lot of patience. You'll also need a group of friends (10 to be precise) to approach a specific buoy near to the map's main island. You and your buddies will need a whole lot more patience as you wait around the buoy, twiddling your thumbs and waiting for something to happen. But happen it will in all its pixelated, technicolor glory.

After the Megalodon shark shows, you'll soon realize that it was well worth the wait as the huge sea creature does a massive belly flop, wiping out two innocent squads of Battlefield soldiers.

'Battlefield 4' has some really neat features as is proved by its tremendous popularity and success to date. The game's multiplayer contains 3 playable factions; U.S., China and Russia and up to 64 players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. "Commander Mode", last seen in Battlefield 2142, gives one player an RTS-like view of the entire map and the ability to give orders to teammates.

The addition of the Megalodon shark to the game is a nice touch and will no doubt have gamers coming back for more and awaiting eagerly the next release of the epic game.

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