Chacho’s Restaurant Employees Brawl With Customers [Video]

Did takeout lead to a punch out?

Chacho’s restaurant workers and customers got into a fight caught on cellphone video (embedded below) that resulted in the manager of the Houston eatery being suspended.

The Wednesday evening brawl, footage for which was uploaded to the internet, apparently was prompted by one customer trying to exit the restaurant with adult beverages, which is against the law. “Houston police said two women wanted to-go cups for their alcohol. When the employees said ‘no roadies,’ the fight started. The video showed the manager shoving both women as other employees tried to intervene.”

The CEO of Chacho’s said that the manager should have waited for police — who had already been called — to arrive to handle the situation rather than engage in self-help. While the company conducts an internal investigation into the incident, the store manager in question will be on suspension.

The YouTube video description claims the manager refused to give the customer a refund and also called her a bitch. “This allegation has not be confirmed by Chacho’s and it is not certain whether the manager actually shouted this insult. What is known, however, is that someone crossed a line and that a nasty fight broke out between the staff and two customers.”

Presumably there is a lot more to this story that has yet to emerge that may or may not justify the actions by restaurant staff.

On its website, Chacho’s — which has several locations in Houston and San Antonio — explains that it owes its popularity among other things to “Quick service due to the restaurant being staffed with more employees on duty than similar restaurants, intelligent service due to well trained employees who are paid substantially above industry levels, [and] attention to detail by caring, well paid managers (Chacho’s has virtually no management turnover).”

Have you ever eaten at Chacho’s?

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