Digital Cameras Reviewed - FujiX100s Are A Top Pick

George Nielsen

The review of the year is in for digital cameras, and the Fuji X100s have topped the chart for Prime Lense Point-and-Shoot digital cameras pick! This comes from Outdoor Gear Lab, the go-to reviewers for putting outdoor gear to the test. In their latest rankings of cameras the Fuji X100s gave them a solid impression and ended up being their personal favorite for professional point-and-shoot cameras.

First off let's go ahead and clear up the difference between Prime Lense cameras and Zoom Lense cameras. A Prime Lense camera is set to one focal point which opens up a lot of manufacturing room by stripping away bulky Zoom mechanics. This means having more room to for the bread-and-butter of photography - bringing out the best of an image. However, with a Prime Lense camera you'll have to "zoom with your feet" and you'll do best with a couple of focal options (i.e. cameras) so it's important to know what you're looking for when purchasing your next digital camera.

The FujiX100s passed through aggressive field observations in image quality, low light performance, ease of use, video quality and flash performance. Through it all the Fuji had consistent top marks - view some side-by-side comparisons HERE. The team at Outdoor Gear Lab said, "We were blown away with the Fuji X100s for image quality. This camera made us rethink our DSLR camera decisions with its smooth, sharp, and colorful images." It's fast, crisp, and lightweight. Check out more details from Fuji HERE.

For awhile there Fuji seemed to be slipping behind, but this latest product gives the company renewed standing as a top competitor on the digital camera market. With a price tag of around $1,300 and the the difficult use of Prime Lense cameras, it's not for everybody. For professionals who are looking for low-light performance and image quality, though, this is one that's going to be hard to beat.

Without getting too technical, the FujiX100s are described as being, "Installed with the latest functionalities added after the launch of the FUJIFILM X100S, including support for aperture / shutter speed changes within AE-L, improvements to bright frame operability, and file name editing features."

Digital Cameras have found renewed life lately. For some time it looked to be an endangered product with consumers opting for the convenience of smart phone cameras. Digital cameras have become reserved to professionals or enthusiasts, but some exciting developments seem to be coming along. Check out the "transparent" camera nearing production.