Grumpy Cat May Look Miserable But Is “Such A Happy Cat”

You may have seen the grumpy cat who became an internet sensation last year before, but on Friday the fantastic feline turned two and has lots to celebrate. You may think to yourself, “what could a cat possibly have to celebrate?” but you’d be wrong; Grumpy is a superstar!

A superstar in the world of cat lovers, that is. So famous, in fact, she is heading for Hollywood with an entourage worthy of any star. As well as numerous movie offers, Grumpy also has a pile of endorsements to get through, such as limited-edition bags of Friskies Party Mix treats, and her own line of “Grumppuccino” bottled coffee drinks.

Having enjoyed a success and popularity on YouTube, garnering literally millions of Likes, Grumpy also has her face on T-Shirts, calendars, and her best selling book is available in an astounding 14 languages.

The owners of the grumpy cat, brother and sister team Tabatha and Bryan Bundesen, say that she is doing well: “The business is doing very well. Grumpy doesn’t like to discuss specifics,” joked Bryan.

He continued to share how Grumpy has changed his and his sister’s lives: “We both were blue-collar people. It has changed our lives. It’s been a blessing. We’re very thankful for it, “he said.

Even though her nickname is Grumpy, the cat does have a real name, and that name, which is purposely misspelled, is “Tardar Sauce.”

Bryan said about Tardar: “She looks like a snowshoe Siamese is what we’re told most. We’ve had some nice comments from people about it being nice that the spotlight’s on a cat that’s unique and has feline dwarfism. A lot of people are happy that it kind of spreads the message that it’s OK to be different. She’s also such a happy cat.”

So the conclusion is that even though the famous grumpy cat looks grumpy, she is in fact very chilled and happy and often falls asleep during interviews.