Catch Up With ‘Game of Thrones’ Seasons 1-3 With This Hilarious New Honest Trailer

The talented folks at Screen Junkies have managed to narrow down the number one reason to watch Game of Thrones in just one word: boooooobs. The new honest trailer, as seen on their YouTube page, also provides a hilarious look back at the previous three seasons giving fans a different way to help catch up before the Game of Thrones season four premiere Sunday on HBO.

The voice over starts out with the first of many cold hard facts surrounding the hit HBO fantasy adventure:

“From fiction’s most notorious serial killer comes the TV adaptation of the Medieval encyclopedia slash dungeon masters guide slash porno that is Game of Thrones.”

It then goes on to describe what many fans must be thinking before each gore heavy, surprise death-filled episode: “It’s the abusive show you keep watching, no matter how many times it hurts you.”

It even shreds the Game of Thrones knack for reducing everything spoken in Westeros to the stuff of nouns before pointing out the obvious silliniess behind the show’s premise:

“Watch as everyone fights to sit on the world’s most uncomfortable chair while completely ignoring an invasion of ice zombies that threatens to kill them all – seriously, someone should get on that.”

Next, it runs down the list of characters (still alive at the time of the trailer), including fan favorites like “Jon Snow, a mopey bastard who doesn’t know anything,” and “Tyrion Lannister, a character so awesome [actor] Peter Dinklage will get every good dwarf role until he dies – or Warwick Davis kills him.”

Screen Junkies also skewers other characters like Emilia Clarke‘s Daenerys Targaryen and King Joffrey Baratheon, who they refer to as “King Justin Beiber”.

Finally, the trailer mercilessly rolls through the list of characters killed who had any relation to Game of Thrones season one star Sean Bean before revealing the number one reason to watch the show: boobs.

Meanwhile, Screen Junkies aren’t the only ones getting into the act of reinterpreting Game of Thrones. As reported by Inquisitr, filmmaker Garrison Dean recently reimagined Game of Thrones as a 1970’s sitcom, complete with laugh track. Published on the web site, fans are offered a glimpse what the epic fantasy show might look like if it was a 1970′s sitcom, complete with technicolor graphics and an epic opening credit sequence.

In the end, what do all these cool reinterpretations and trailers mean? It means that fans simply cannot wait for the real Game of Thrones to return.

Game of Thrones season four debuts Sunday April 6th on HBO.