Trick Daddy Arrested: Rapper Charged With Possession Of Cocaine, Handgun

Trick Daddy has been arrested, with police claiming the rapper had a stash of drugs and a gun inside of his South Florida home.

The rapper, known for his collaborations with Pit Bull, Cee Lo Green, and Young Jeezy, was arrested Thursday for possession of cocaine and a firearm, media from Miami reported.

Police had obtained a warrant to search the Miramar home where Trick Daddy lives. The rapper, whose real name is Maurice Young, was detained as was getting out of his car. After a search police uncovered one gram of cocaine and a 9mm Sig Sauer with a box of ammunition.

Trick Daddy told police the he had previous convictions for trafficking narcotics, possession of ammunition by a convicted felon and possession of cocaine, according to the affidavit. The 40-year-old rapper was ultimately charged with possession of cocaine, possession of a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon, and driving with a suspended license

Trick Daddy is best known for his 2001 hit song “I’m a Thug.” He burst onto the rap scene in 1997 with his debut album, Based on a True Story.

In 2009, Trick Daddy took his talents to the big screen by appearing in the film Just Another Day. He played a drug dealer named Roman in the movie, which showed the intertwining lives of an aspiring rapper and an older successful rapper over the course of a single day.

After being arrested, Trick Daddy was released on bond. It is unclear if he has a lawyer, and a reporter’s call to Slip-N-Slide Records in Miami Beach went unanswered Friday.