Mega Millions Jackpot Won For 3rd Time In Last Three Weeks, $30 Million Ticket Sold in Los Angeles

The Mega Millions jackpot saw its fourth winner of 2014 — and, incredibly, third in the past six drawings — on Friday, as a single ticket worth $30 million sold at a gas station in the Century City district of Los Angeles.

Since the Mega Millions lottery made the game more "interesting" by decreasing the chance of winning from one in 176 million to one in 259 million starting last October 22, the game has produced only five jackpot winners.

Three of those winners have come in the last three weeks.

Considering that statisticians have calculated that your odds of being struck by a falling asteroid are about 1,000 times better than winning the Mega Millions jackpot, well, what are the odds of 3,000 people being hit by asteroids in a 19-day span?

You figure it out. Our brains are on overload just thinking about it.

The Mega Millions hot streak is made all the more remarkable by the fact that low jackpots produce low ticket sales, decreasing the chances of anyone hitting all six Mega Millions numbers. Friday's Mega Millions game saw only 18.6 million tickets sold. But that was more than the March 25 drawing which produced a jackpot winner out of only 17.5 million tickets.

The March 18 drawing, of course, saw a $424 million jackpot on the line, so ticket sales for that Mega Millions jackpot were much higher: 113,435,277 to be exact. That remains, understandably, the best-selling drawing of 2014, and the highest since a staggering $636 million jackpot given away on December 17 produced 336,545,306 tickets sold, the rare occurrence when there were actually more tickets sold than possible winning combinations.

That jackpot saw two winners split the second-largest lottery jackpot in United States history.

Friday's winning ticket was sold at a 76 Gas Station at 10389 Santa Monica Boulevard in Los Angeles, in the Century City area home to some of Hollywood's top law firms and talent agencies.

Friday's drawing also produced two second-prize winners, one in California and one in Georgia, and 26 third-prize winners out of 1,275,330 winning tickets overall. Check your ticket against the following Mega Million numbers, drawn at 10:59 pm in Atlanta, Georgia, to see if it was one of them.

110154154 Mega Ball 9

The Mega Millions jackpot resets to $15 million yet again for Tuesday's drawing, when we'll see if the game's odds-defying hot streak continues.