Justin Bieber Fumes Over Selena Gomez ‘Flirting’ With Orlando Bloom? Um …

Justin Bieber, we’re unreliably told, is in a proper rage over Selena Gomez “flirting” it up with Orlando Bloom.

The scene of the alleged flirting? The We Day conference in California coupla weeks ago where Selena, Bloom, noted Bieber-hater Seth Rogen, and others were guest speakers to thousands of kids.

Anyway, young Bieber is apparently livid that Gomez posted an Instagram picture during the event of the famous group smiling it up in a back area at Oakland’s Oracle Arena.

The basis for this belief? Hollywood Life writes, “This latest interaction between Selena and Orlando must be a huge slap in the face to the troubled pop bad-boy.”

The website added, “The picture was posted to her Instagram account, and was probably the reason for Justin’s alleged jealous accusations.”

Watertight then.

Did Selena Gomez Flirt With Orlando Bloom?

[Image via Gomez Instagram]

It looks like an innocent picture to us, and as we previously reported Gomez probably looks so deliriously happy because of the off-the-charts reception to her inspirational “Stay true to who you are” speech at the event.

Not so, insists HL. Apparently Apparently Selena was all a-flutter over her proximity to the Elf-prince, sorry Bloom, and was “flirting” madly. Allegedly. Then, there’s the Rogen factor.

Not only is Bieber allegedly losing it over Gomez’s flirt-fest with Bloom, he’s also – apparently – none too pleased that she was hobnobbing with Rogen.

Rogen tweeted that Justin was a “piece of.. [something unmentionable]” after Bieber’s arrest on January 23 for a suspected DUI in Miami Beach, Florida. He repeated the remark and a few more during a special edition of Watch What Happens Live at SXSW earlier this month.

So he’s definitely not on Bieber’s Christmas list.

In some gossip site’s report – it doesn’t really matter which as the quote is clearly bogus – a supposed “source” close to Bieber and Gomez said:

“Their drama always starts because they don’t trust each other. It’s not only Selena that gets jealous… Justin is just as bad…He’s the one that started the latest fight. He accused Selena of flirting with Orlando Bloom. He knows that it bugs Selena when he hangs out with Miley [Cyrus].”

As usual, Gossip Cop restores a dose of sanity to the increasingly embarrassing enclave of the entertainment news cycle assigned to all things Jelena.

The outlet reports insiders close to the on-off couple said of the Gomez-Bloom flirting claim:

“This is total nonsense.”

And this isn’t the first time Bloom has been dubiously linked to Bieber and Gomez.

Last November, the UK tabloid, Sunday People, claimed Bloom split with his wife, Australian model Miranda Kerr, after three years of marriage over her and Bieber flirting at a Victoria’s Secret show that same month.

It was claimed Kerr taught Flynn – her son with Orlando – to say “Bieber Fever,” while Us magazine later claimed Justin and Miranda exchanged “dirty texts” and that their friendship led to “non-stop” arguing with her husband.

The claims were denied and criticized by some media as unethical journalism.

Fast forward to this month and Kerr’s revelation that she wants to explore her bisexuality, and the claims regarding her and Bieber are revealed as even more risible.