Cody Simpson Jokes About Why He’s No Longer With Kylie Jenner

Cody Simpson recently joked about why his relationship with Kylie Jenner didn’t work out.

The Australian pop star recently appeared on an episode of Hello Ross, a chat show that found Simpson briefly discussing his romance with the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. Instead of giving a serious answer about why their relationship hit the skids, Cody decided to have some fun with the topic.

When host Jonathan Ross inevitably steered the conversation towards Cody Simpson’s ex-girlfriend, the singer was quick with a retort that provided a good laugh but no real information regarding what happened behind-the-scenes.

“No, the whole K-O-D-Y thing didn’t really work out for me,” he remarked. Nice dodge, Simpson. Well played, indeed.

Usually celebrities follow-up this sort of light-hearted comment with some real details about what went wrong in their love life, but Cody decided to leave it at that. He also touched on his romance with Gigi Hadid, the daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster. We’re starting to notice a theme here.

If Kylie is feeling a little down in the dumps about her failed relationship with Cody Simpson, then at least she has a ton of pics, videos, and animated GIFs of the guy getting slimed at the Kids’ Choice Awards to brighten her day. Viewers at home ultimately decided that both Simpson and Austin Mahone deserved a bit of green goo. Check out some images below.

@CodySimpson completely covered in slime last night backstage at the Kids Choice Awards!

— Katie. (@iYiYiLive4Cody) March 30, 2014

At least the guy seemed like a pretty good sport about the whole thing. Besides, it’s not every day that someone gets officially slimed by the boys and girls at Nickelodeon. That’s almost like a badge of honor.

Fans who want to see Cody Simpson without a plethora of goop covering his body should seriously consider checking out the latest season of Dancing with the Stars. As of this writing, the singer is still doing his thing on the dance competition. Of course, all it takes is one wrong move to send the pop star packing.

Are you a fan of Cody Simpson? What do you think about the singer’s joke regarding his relationship with Kylie Jenner?

[Image via Nickelodeon]