Washington Father Who Gutted, Dismembered 3-Year-Old Son Evades Death Penalty

A father from Washington who admitted last year to dismembering and murdering his own three-year-old son was sentenced Friday to life in prison with no parole, much to the dismay of some observers who believed he deserved the death penalty.

38-year-old Jeremy Brent Cramer was found guilty of deliberate homicide last July after he admitted to taking his son, three-year-old Broderick Cramer from their Lakey, Washington house and murdering him at a location 5 miles southeast of Anaconda, Montana.

There, the father hit the child on the head with a rock and used a knife to cut the boy’s throat, to the point of almost decapitating the his son’s head. The father then sliced the boy’s body into two and dug up his organs, some of which were found scattered across the field where the father committed the murder. The first half of the son’s body was found a short distance from the second one.

The tragic details came from reports from Tara Billteen, the parole officer who did the presentencing investigation on the Washington father’s case.

Another report detailed by the KATU News was by Washington Assistant Attorney General Brant Light, who shed light on the events prior to the grisly murder of little Broderick. According to him, the father and his wife, Nataliya Cramer had a huge confrontation which led to Nataliya threatening to leave his husband. Investigators believe this may have triggered the unfortunate succeeding events that brought the Washington father to court.

Both prosecutors and the defense agreed on life in prison with parole but judge Loren Tucker removed any possibility of parole for the murdering father. Tucker told the parties that the brutality of the crime merited the harshest punishment possible. Judge Tucker said:

“We’re dealing with… the gruesome, horrible, dismembered butchery of a child. Your child. It’s almost impossible to fathom the gravity of that crime,”

However, many who observed the case believes the judge was still too lenient with Cramer. People took to social media and forums their choice of a harsher punishment for the Washington father. A netizen who goes by the handle gofigure said:

“If killing and chopping up your child isn’t enough of a reason for execution, there isn’t any hope for humanity or for our legal system. That monster should do the only decent thing he has left to accomplish and kill himself.”

Another netizen, Post_More briefly said:

“This guy deserves a death sentence, a life sentence is ridiculous”

Prosecutors said they didn’t have enough legal foundation to push death penalty for the Washington father. Cramer accepts the current punishment and says there is no punishment too great for the crime he committed.

What should the Washington father, Jeremy Brent Cramer get: life in prison or death penalty?

[Image from Daily Mail]