Kaballah Gnostic Messages Exposed In ‘Noah’

Noah is the latest movie, promoting or based off of the Bible, to hit the box office. In between God’s Not Dead and Heaven Is For Real, the movie Noah received a lot of Hollywood support, which includes a large budget, all-start cast starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson, and the promotional backing of a large studio.

However, the question that comes up, with almost every movie based off the Bible, or at least represents God, is if the movie is Biblical. Noah, though popular with critics, has been argued by Christians and theologians not to be Biblical. According to Breit Bart, Dr. Brian Mattson, a theologian with a Ph. D. in systematic theology from the University of Aberdeen, has written a scathing review of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. He claims Noah is the following:

“This [Noah] was a thoroughly pagan retelling of the Noah story direct from Kabbalist and Gnostic sources.”

Mattson also states that Arnofosky’s debut film, Pi, was Kabbalah, so he is already familiar with it. He even mentions that a number of moments in Noah, including the glowing Adam and Eve and the serpent skin wrapped around Noah’s arm, all have a basis in Kabbalah or Gnosticism. He details the serpent through the following:

“The world of Gnostic mysticism is bewildering with a myriad of varieties. But, generally speaking, they hold in common that the serpent is ‘Sophia’, ‘Mother’, or ‘Wisdom’. The serpent represents the true divine, and the claims of ‘The Creator’ are false.”

It is likely doubtful that Mattson is off base with his facts, especially since he is serving as Senior Scholar of Public Theology for the Center of Cultural Leadership along with his degree. In that case, Noah is one of the greatest bait-and-switches in movie history.

Noah's Ark

Some other websites state the opposite, citing free license to make Noah entertaining at the box office. Noah is considered by Patheos, to push boundaries and make people think. The site also brought up some differences Noah had to the source material of the Bible. This included the interactions of Noah’s family, Noah being a homicidal maniac, and the role of the Watchers in the movie. Patheos did however have no qualms that the word “God” wasn’t used in the entire movie, and even slammed those who got angry over that detail.

On a theological basis, certain parts of the movie, that the Bible doesn’t touch on, is mostly in Jewish studies. For example, there are Watchers in the world prior to the flood. However, they are the second group of angels who disobyed God, and had children with the daughters of Eve (women if you want the shorthand form). In Noah however, they help Noah build the ark, which is a Gnostic belief.

Probably the strongest reasoning why Noah is a Kaballah Gnostic promotion comes from Mark Dice. He even fills in the blanks between the Kaballah Gnostic details in Noah and how they are directly related to Satanism. He talks about this in the video below.

Do you think Noah is Kaballah and Gnostic that promotes Satanism, or is Darren Aronofsky utilizing creative license?