Father Moves Entire Room Onto Driveway After Teenage Daughter Refuses To Clean [Video]

A father named Craig Schlichenmeyer has become a social media sensation after he decided to punish his teenage daughter in a unique fashion and then post the photo onto Facebook.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, unique punishments have been all the rage lately. One father found his teenage daughter naked in the shower with her boyfriend, but when he beat the boy he was arrested for assault. Another video of a father beating his teenage daughter in public was criticized, and defended, by many.

The father is a soldier who is stationed at Fort Stewart. Mr. Schlichenmeyer apparently warned his daughter that he if she did not change her messy behavior he would be forced to treat her like she was in the military. When the girl did not heed her father's words she found out the hard way he was serious when she came to find her entire room set up in the driveway. The man even set up a sign saying, "Haley, room moved to driveway. Clean it next time."

Haley apparently felt the move was "extreme" but the father believes it was a good life lesson:

"One day I had enough of it, I picked up her belongings and set her room up in the driveway. I just set her room up the same way it's set up upstairs in the driveway. To shock her. No, my intent was to surprise her a little bit and to take ownership of her room and doing the right thing. When we tell her to clean it up, we clean it up."
Craig Schlichenmeyer has even hired a painter to come add a new fresh coat of paint under the assumption that Haley will keep her room more clean from now on. But some people on Facebook feel that moving the teen's entire room onto the driveway was humiliating and overkill. The father disagrees:
"She's a great student and honor roll student, and we're proud of her. It was just an issue of her room being clean."
Jodie Spires is a licensed counselor and she says that such punishments do work but parents need to be careful:
"I think you really have to know your teenager. And you have to know the punishment, because my concern would be what's being taught, the punishment or the lesson? And I would think if the punishment is too severe, we lose the teachable moment for the teens."
Do you think the father was being too harsh to his daughter by treating her like a soldier and moving her entire room out onto the driveway?

Father Moves Entire Room Onto Driveway After Teenage Daughter Refuses To Clean