Disney Characters Do Things That Are Really Creepy In Real Life [VIDEO]

For most people, Disney characters hold a special place in their hearts. They, in general, show off strength, courage, sacrifice, integrity, and sacrifice in its best intention. People relate to all this good characteristics Disney characters have. That is why almost all Disney Animated Classics, especially Frozen, are best selling movies both at the box office and through DVD/blu-ray sales.

However, the majority of the traits most Disney characters portray across the Disney Animation Series, can be considered creepy in real life. It may sound unbelievable at a glance, but Buzzfeed Video proved this by taking iconic scenarios from specific Disney movies, and incorporated a real-life counterpart. The results were not favoring Disney whatsoever, but at least they were hilarious in execution.

The movies, utilized for the video, specifically reference Cinderella, Pinnochio, Lady & The Tramp, The Little Mermaid, Beauty & The Beast, and The Lion King. Some of the skits are directed towards a theme seen in more than one Disney movie. For example, the skit on sidekicks can easily be pointed at every Disney Princess movie. Snow White and Aurora had forest animals, Cinderella had Jacques and Gus, Ariel had Flounder, Belle had living objects (Lumiere and Cogsworth), Rapunzel had Pascal, and both Anna and Elsa had Olaf.

Despite the fact Disney can be creepy – as exampled in the video above – they are no stranger to presenting what is weird, or at least strict. According to Top Tenz, there are certain policies and restrictions that may turn Disney fans sour. For example, the “DDD” rule is an example. This may be smart, in general, but breaking the “Don’t Date Disney” rule could result in termination. Disney’s Vault is another unique ploy of advertising in which old Disney classics are re-released every ten years. This is done to introduce classics to newer generations. And if you want the epitome of weird, or creepy Disney, check out all the stuff they have at Tokyo Disneyland.

Honestly, this video – though funny – may be a dream killer for the younger audience. Just like Kotaku states, this is mostly bad news for little girls around the world who want to be Disney princesses.

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