Georgia Tech Fraternity Suspended Three Years For Email Giving Rape Tips

A Georgia Tech fraternity will be suspended for three years after a member sent an email giving instructions on how to lure girls to parties, ply them with alcohol, and rape them.

The incident happened in the fall at Phi Kappa Tau, with the email spreading quickly around campus and soon making national headlines. In the email, the Georgia Tech fraternity memer instructed other students in the fraternity to approach girls at parties and ask if they would like a drink, with the intention of getting them to loosen up.

“Then proceed to have a conversation,” the email read. “IF THEY ARE HAMMERED AT ANY POINT BEFORE MIDNIGHT, JUST SKIP THE CHIT CHAT AND GO DANCE.”

The email then included step-by-step instructions on how to get girls back to the member’s room, including the directive, “ALWAYS START WITH THE MAKING OUT!!!! NO RAPING.”

The final step was “Expunge (send them out of your room and on their way out when you are finished,” and the email ended with the line, “in luring rapebait.”

After the media attention the email caused, the student who wrote it apologized and said it was a poor attempt at satire.

“Misogynistic behavior is everywhere online and unfortunately, my attempt to ridicule it in an immature and outrageous satire backfired terribly and in a manner I mistakenly underestimated,” he wrote.

The student, known only as Matthew, also said “rapebait” was a term used as a joke within the Georgia Tech fraternity.

“In retrospect, it was a nickname I should not have embraced but continuing to use the term was my fault. As a leader I should have put a stop to it in any reference,” he wrote.

The national chapter of Phi Kappa Tau said the Georgia Tech fraternity violated both university and fraternity policies, and “failed to live up to fraternal ideals.”