‘Game of Thrones’ Reimagined As 70’s Sitcom By Garrison Dean

With ‘Game of Thrones’ anticipation reaching a fevered pitch, filmmaker Garrison Dean has given fans exactly what they’ve always wanted: a laugh track. Thanks to Dean and the web site IO9.com, fans can get a taste of what the epic fantasy show might look like if it was a 1970’s sitcom, complete with technicolor graphics and an epic opening credit sequence.

In a goofy tone of voice, the narrator opens the faded sequence with a voice over more typical of All in the Family or M.A.S.H. than the swashbuckling adventure that is Game of Thrones:

“Once a generation, in the long ago magical land of Westeros, the royal families would all come together. They would compete in a joyous celebration to determine their new king. They called this–” as the Game of Thrones title flashes on screen immediately after.

What follows is a barrage of clips from the show as an In Search Of-like theme song blares it’s synthesized music on top of it. As the credits roll, our Game of Thrones heroes are introduced 1970s sitcom style by Garrison’s crafty directing, freezing each frame as the character’s names are ran across the screen in glorious mustard yellow. The Stark’s take front and center before The Tyrell family and Lannisters follow.

Once everyone is introduced, including Emilia Clarke as “The Dragon Queen,” Dean takes us to the opening moments of the Game of Thrones episode titled Winter’s Coming completing the charade he so masterfully has put together. When Jaime Lannister walks in on a couple having sex the laugh-tracked studio audience is sent into hysterics as the film quickly cuts out.

The real Game of Thrones meanwhile is set to debut it’s season four premiere this Sunday at 9:00 p.m., EST on HBO. As previously reported by Inquistr, new season four stills have recently been released to complement a host of HBO trailers and episode titles offering fans a glimpse of what season four holds.

While trailers and teasers haven’t given away too much, there is one aspect to season four that can be counted on: blood. In a tantalizing Game of Thrones season four 15-minute preview, titled Game of Thrones Season 4: Ice and Fire: A Foreshadowing aired in February, the show’s producers all but guarantee the confrontations that have been building the past three seasons will come to a head.

“There is tremendous clamor for revenge,” executive producer David Benioff proclaims. “Especially in the wake of the Red Wedding.”

Game of Thrones returns for season four April 6th at 9:00 p.m., on HBO.