Tornadoes Reported Blasting Through Texas, Baseball-Sized Hail Also Pounds Region

Tornadoes were reported hitting at least four areas of Texas Thusday, as severe spring thunderstorms battered the region, with heavy rains and hail the size of baseballs. Tornadoes were also reported in Missouri, while Arkansas also getting drenched by rains and bombarded by hail.

Four people were hurt in Merit, Texas, when a tornado slammed into a farmhouse and nearby mobile home. Details of the injuries were not reported but the victims were not though to be in danger of losing their lives. Merit is about 40 miles northeast of Dallas.

A storm survey team found tornado damage in Collin County, Texas, near Princeton. Denton County was spared any tornadoes reported, but took the worst f it when it came to hail damage. Dozens, maybe even hundreds of windows and car windshields were smashed by the hailstones reported to be about the size of baseballs in that county.

Also in Denton County, one person was struck by lightning, though details on how badly the lightning victim was injured were not available.

In Missouri, a tornado was reported in University City, west of St. Louis. Though no injuries were reported there, about 100 homes were damaged as winds reached 110 mph. Missouri saw about five inches of rain in some areas, with flash floods and at least two water rescues reported there.

In Denton County, as residents began cleaning downed tree limbs, and broken glass from yards and streets, but officials there warned of a new danger — con men. Reports of possibly bogus roofing repairmen were already turning up in the county Friday.

In some cases, roofers will simply climb up to the top of a house where tornadoes were reported, or where hail and high winds have struck, to purportedly repair the roof, whether the homeowner has called them or not. Presumably, the con men who may or may not effect any actual repairs to the roof, will hit the homeowner with a sizable bill if not stopped in time.

Officials in Denton were trying to get a damage assessment for the area Friday morning.

“It’s hard to put cost assessments together when you have hail damage,” Jody Gonzalez, Denton County emergency management director, said.

Tornadoes were also reported in Franklin County, Texas, but those reports have not been confirmed.