‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ Will Tour The US With Some Help From Johnny Rotten

Jesus Christ Superstar will tour North America later this year. However, the people who are bringing this production to life might surprise you.

If you never had a chance to see Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s tale about Jesus’ last days on Earth, then now is your chance to see the play in all its glory. Of course, your opinion of modern music could make or break your interest in catching the show.

According to The Associated Press, the Jesus Christ Superstar tour will feature “John ‘Johnny Rotten’ Lydon as King Herod, Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child as Mary Magdalene, Brandon Boyd of Incubus as Judas, and JC Chasez of ‘N Sync as Pontius Pilate.” Ben Forster, who played Jesus during the UK tour, will reprise his role in North America.

The outlet also noted that the Jesus Christ Superstar tour press conference found the former Sex Pistols’ frontman tossing around bananas and swear words with relative ease. In other words, this probably isn’t your mom and dad’s version of the classic musical.

The Hollywood Reporter points out that Laurence Connor, who is currently co-directing Les Miserables on Broadway, is spearheading the production. According to Incubus singer Brandon Boyd, folks who purchase a ticket for the Jesus Christ Superstar tour should anticipate lots of loud music.

“It’s completely new, and it’s incredible. It’s an arena rock show,” Boyd explained during the recent press conference.

This isn’t the first time someone has attempted to get the musical back off the ground. A different revival took place back in 2012, though the production only brought home a total of $11 million during its three-month run. Producers of the Jesus Christ Superstar tour are no doubt hoping their “arena rock” version of the musical strikes a chord of audiences.

So how does Johnny Rotten feel about tackling the role of King Herod in the upcoming production? Lydon said in a statement, “I’m here to sing with the King of the Jews, who could ask for anything more?” There you have it.

JC Chasez, meanwhile, was a touch more enthusiastic and verbose. He told the AP, “I’m looking forward to the experience. This is honestly my first theater experience so I’m being thrown into the fire a bit. But I’m excited because the fact that we’re doing something that feels pretty unique.”

The Jesus Christ Superstar tour kicks things off in New Orleans on June 9. The production will travel through 54 cities before everything is said and done. Are you planning to buy a few tickets to the production?

[Image via Tempi]