Police Search For Ypsilanti Mystery Playground Pooper

A mystery pooper has been defecating on playground slides at an Ypsilanti park, MLIVE Ann Arbor reports. Ypsilanti's Prospect Park goers have been dealing with this disgusting odd issue for the past five to six months!

Ypsilanti police have seen so many reports that they have installed a hidden camera to catch the mystery playground pooper. Pete Murdock, the head of the Friends of Prospect Park and city council member called the public defecation, "weird and deliberate." He said that the last time the rogue pooper struck was in early March, but now officials are worried about hygiene issues as the snow in the area has finally melted and children will be using the playground's slides more regularly, "We most definitely need to get this under control before school (recess) and park season starts. It's hard to deal with because it's so unbelievable to begin with. When somebody called me and told me what happened I said 'What? You gotta be kidding me!"

The Friends of the Prospect Park members may also initiate playground stake-outs at night to catch the mystery pooper and put an end to the fecal fiasco.

The Department of Public Works in the city is checking the slides daily for fecal matter and are instructed to clean any human waste they discover. The suspect was pooping during the night. At the start of the year, after reports of the playground poop concerns, Tony DeGiusti, Ypsilanti's police chief, send out a communication to all his officers about the incidents given that they are a public health concern. "We have a problem in Prospect Park with a miscreant that does not understand the difference between a children's playground slide and a toilet," Chief DeGiusti wrote, "Apparently this extremely misguided individual feels the need to defecate on the slide despite the cold weather. This has been an ongoing problem at this location. Please make frequent checks in the area and record them on your daily log."

The public is both disgusted and amused. Fark user sxacho writes:

Summer, every single moment is worth it's [sic] weight in goldSummer, it's like the world's best story and it's waiting to be toldIt's the mystery poopers [sic] poop that's always dripping down your slideIt's summer, man, where'd the pooper hide?
In another dangerous, albeit pooping-unrelated, playground incident, a toddler was injured when someone glued razor blades to playground equipment last month.

[Photo from Prospect Park's public Facebook page.]