Marvel Vs DC: Is ‘Batman Vs Superman’ Being Rushed To Compete With ‘Avengers 2’?

The Marvel vs DC debate has gone on for decades, and the fans show no sign of stopping. If anything, it seems that the movie makers are jumping into the fray with a couple of similar trends. Avengers 2 and Batman Vs Superman seem to be attempting the classic battle on the big screen now.

It is often the subject of debate that Marvel generally copied DC Comics when it came to character creation. Almost every similar super hero or villain between the two was done first in the DC universe. Iron Man came after Batman, Green Goblin came after Lex Luthor, Thanos came after Darkseid, and Deadpool almost became a Deathstroke clone until he was given the inability to shut up during a fight.

The battle of Marvel vs DC is now making its way to the silver screen, though now it seems that DC Comics and Warner Bros are trying to follow what Marvel is doing.

When Robert Downey Jr’s Iron Man proved a success with Edward Norton’s Hulk looming on the horizon, it was merely the beginning of a new trend in super hero movies. Several years went by and the Marvel cinematic universe finally showed us a hint of what was happening.

After the release of The Avengers in theaters, it seemed DC and Warner Bros knew they had to try something new to compete with it. Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy wasn’t enough after the generally disappointing The Dark Knight Rises, and the loss of Christian Bale as the most widely accepted Batman actor ever.

Needing to now play catch-up with Marvel, Warner Bros. needed to come up with their own collaborative effort as a sequel to Man of Steel. With the Marvel cinematic universe already having its head start, there was only one way DC could catch up.

The first major effort to bring the Justice League together had to have a collection of major super heroes as soon as possible, leading to some casting decisions (Ben Affleck, Gal Gadot, Jesse Eisenberg) that have sparked outrage across the internet. It appears that Warner Bros.’s comeback is going to try to redefine a lot of what we clung to as fans, but the effort could be the biggest backfire in Marvel vs DC history.

Now DC wanna drop the Wonder Woman film before Batman vs. Superman comes out….they feelin pressure from Marvel, dog.

— Jeffrey Lebowski (@hollywood_trey) April 4, 2014

One of the biggest complaints about previous DC comics movies was that they tried to put too many characters in at once (Batman and Robin), and it appears Warner Bros. is about to do it again. Even Sony tried to put too many villains into Spider-Man 3 and suffered the same fate. We would think they would have learned by now to spread out origin stories and build up to a satisfying collaboration. So far only Fox has been able to pull it off with their X-Men series.

Will Warner Bros. actually pull it off, or is the upcoming Batman Vs Superman going to be the same mess as before and create another epic fail in the ongoing Marvel vs DC film war?