Dunkin’ Donuts Rat Goes Viral, NYC Store Shut Down

The other day a Manhattan Dunkin’ Donuts went viral for all the wrong reasons. Made famous by YouTuber “Playtone,” the Dunkin’ Donuts location on West 37th Street and 8th Avenue was shut down due to a very sketchy health code violation.

These days anyone can expose an establishment with the push of a button on their smartphone, and that’s exactly what happened with one NYC Dunkin’ Donuts locations. A rat was captured hanging out among the donuts at the location, and since the “Dunkin’ Rats” video went viral an uproar has started on the internet. Fortunately it was enough of an uproar to get the Dunkin’ Donuts location some major attention from the NYC Health Department.

According to Gothamist they received a tip that before the Dunkin Donuts location was closed it was going under renovations. Funny enough the rat infested location was allegedly under renovations to make sure the Dunkin’ Donuts was rat-proof. Looks like the location pretty much dropped the ball on that, but we didn’t have to tell you that one.

Since the rat video went viral there hasn’t been much word from anyone at the exact Dunkin’ Donuts establishment but according to Gothamist a man answered the phone and made a brief statement about the whole situation:

“We have some issues, I’m sure you know about it.”

The man who answered the phone hasn’t been identified as an employee of the establishment, but his work is as good as gold.

Dunkin' Donuts rat

According to The Health Department, here’s what they had to say about the Dunkin’ Donuts location that they shut down:

“The Health Department takes all allegations of unsanitary conditions seriously. Dunkin’ Donuts was closed by the Health Department yesterday because of a public health hazard that could not be corrected at the time of the inspection. In this case, the restaurant had a severe pest infestation that will require professional pest control services. They were also cited for other critical violations, including inadequate hand washing facilities and food not being protected from contamination. New Yorkers are urged to call 311 to report unsanitary conditions.”

As expected the news spread and people took to Twitter to express their horror over the Dunkin’ rat.

Here’s a few photos that were leaked from Twitter of the Dunkin’ rat.

[Image Credit: Tupungato / Shutterstock.com / Gallery: Twitter]