Olivia Newton-John Rocks In Black Leather Pants 36-Years After ‘Grease’

Who can forget Olivia Newton-John and her hot, black leather pants in the last scene of the musical Grease when she leaves John Travolta gasping for air? Well, 36 years after the iconic moment, it appears she still rocks in the sexy outfit.

Travolta wasn’t the only one in shock at seeing the demure Newton-John in the “Carnival scene” in the 1978 hit musical; viewers were, too.

In Grease, Olivia Newton-John plays Sandy, a “good girl” who meets John Travolta’s Danny while on summer vacation, and they both end up in the same High School. Her character is very innocent and the rest of the girls in her group try to bring her out of her shell, which culminates in the famous hot leather pants scene.

In 2014, the Australian singer/actress is taking up residence in Las Vegas for her show at the Flamingo Hotel and on Wednesday wore the black pants while driving around in the Ford Mercury Cadillac that was used for the drag racing scene in Grease.

Olivia Newton-John was also presented with the keys to the city of Las Vegas.

Even though the 65-year-old Newton-John looks incredible, those were not the same pants the star wore for Grease. In 2012, Olivia told Fox that she has the originals hanging in her closet and will auction them off some day to raise funds for a cancer and a wellness center she founded.

Olivia also shared that although the black leather pants looked fabulous on her at the time, it was not easy to put them on:

“They were made in the ’50s and we made the movie in the late ’70s so they were already 25 years old when I wore them and the zipper broke so they had to sew me into them.”

Olivia Newton-John also mentioned that it was very challenging to use the ladies room while wearing those black leather pants, “We took breaks and they had to un-sew me.” she joked.

[Image via Paramount Pictures]