Kate Hudson Confesses To Leggings Obsession

Kate Hudson may be considered as cool as a cucumber with a physique to die for, or at least go to the gym for, but her obsession with leggings is all a bit baffling.

Kate Hudson has been described as the ultimate cool girl with a flawless sense of style,” so why, dear God, why, did Kate in a recent interview with the Zoe Report reveal just how much she loves leggings?

When Kate was asked what was one of her must-have fashion items by the magazine, with great enthusiasm and what can only be described as a warped kind of missionary zeal, Kate Hudson barked: Leggings! Not only have women responded to those, but for me personally, I wear mine to work out, and then, they can be worn out to lunch or to run errands in. We have some that are very athletic-focused, while others are solid colors that are very versatile and can be worn out with a tunic.

Listen carefully for a moment, Kate Hudson. Can you hear that unearthly noise? That’s the sound of Greta Garbo, and Monroe, Deitrich and DiMaggio, Marlon Brando, and Jimmy Dean all turning softly in their grave at such a faux pas from a Hollywood A-lister. Really Kate. Black leggings? One would have sincerely hoped you’d have known better Miss Hudson.

Let’s make no bones about it Kate Hudson, leggings are the scourge of civilized society. They may be comfortable Kate but there’s something inherently slobbish and decadent about a garment that is the female equivalent of a dangerously obese alcoholic’s favorite white vest, gloriously resplendent with the obligatory gravy, beer and oil stains.

Think about it Kate. Like some sort of insidious, cunning and insanely ambitious rouge element in the fashion world, leggings have crept up on huge swathes of the female population and mugged them off good and proper.

A whole generation of girls have been conned Kate, into thinking somehow leggings look good. They don’t Miss Hudson. They are sworn enemies of style, eternal enemies of elegance, and sadistic slayers of sophistication.

Kate Hudson, who in the same interview insists champagne and lipstick make her feel glamorous and that she is completely obsessed with the science of the brain,” may only have started wearing her leggings to the gym but it’s a slippery slope. Where does the horror end Kate?

Kate Hudson has already confessed she’s wearing leggings to lunch and to run errands in. Where next Kate? The Oscars?