Lil Wayne, Kanye West Were Almost Dissed By Eminem

Lil Wayne and Kanye West almost found their names in an epic diss track Eminem was reportedly putting together a while ago. However, the Detroit rapper never put the song together.

Although Lil Wayne did nothing to warrant such an attack, this didn’t stop Eminem from putting the guy in his sights. The 8 Mile star said Weezy and West ultimately did nothing wrong. Instead, the diss track had more to do with his own insecurities as a rapper than anything else.

Eminem discussed his proposed Lil Wayne diss track during a recent chat with Power 106’s Big Boy. Although Wayne and West were almost the subjects of a particularly mean-spirited song, Em revealed that releasing such a track would have destroyed his career.

The rapper explained:

“It wasn’t just — you know, singling Kanye and Lil Wayne out at that time period, I mean they were the one’s who were the killing it the most to me. I’d pop the CD in and be like, ‘Fuck man, I’m not doing this no more.’ I felt like I came very close to like, for me it would have been career suicide because I felt like, ‘I should make a song just dissing everybody who’s doing in it the game right now.”

Lil Wayne came extremely close to find his name in an Eminem song for no good reason. However, the rapper decided to avoid stirring up unnecessary controversy, especially since neither Wayne nor West had done anything wrong.

“I just had the thoughts, just walking around the studio. I think that deep down I just wasn’t happy with myself, man. I knew that there were some really dark moments in there. When I think about how my thought process was when I was high a lot, it wasn’t good, man, and it certainly wasn’t me ’cause I’m not even that kind of person,” Em said.

The rapper’s decision to take a shot at Lil Wayne is a little odd considering the pair teamed up for a couple of tunes a few years ago. Eminem appeared on Wayne’s “Drop the World” while Weezy helped out the Detroit rapper with “No Love.” TMZ reported last year that Em may have flown to Los Angeles to visit Lil Wayne during his stay in the hospital.

Are you a fan of Lil Wayne? Are you surprised that Weezy and Kanye West almost ended up in a diss track perpetrated by Eminem?

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