‘Game Of Thrones’: Jack Gleeson Reveals Meanest Thing He’s Ever Done, Treated Sister Worse Than Starks

Game Of Thrones star Jack Gleeson has revealed the meanest thing that he has ever done and it makes his antics as King Joffrey seem mellow in comparison.

Gleeson revealed all in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. The 21-year-old was asked by the website, “What’s the meanest thing you’ve done in real life?”

After a moment’s contemplation, Gleeson probably cackled before explaining, “Um, I read my sister’s diary when I was 7. She was, I think, 13. It was awful to read it.”

But that wasn’t all. Gleeson admitted that his tyrannical regime continued just a few years later, and he even targeted the same sibling.

“I also ruined the end of one of the Harry Potter books for the same sister,” he revealed. “I said Sirius dies when she was halfway though.” Now, of course, I understand that I too might have just ruined the aforementioned death for some readers, but Mr Black’s demise took place several years ago so all should be forgiven. Just in case… I’m sorry.

When Gleeson was asked about the consequences of his action, he sheepishly admitted, “Just shame.”

The interview also saw Gleeson state that after the show he doesn’t want to continue to act, which is why he doesn’t attend the likes of Comic-Con or do that many interviews.

“The crux of it is that I don’t want to be an actor after Game Of Thrones,” he explained. “Interviews are good if you want to be an actor because they raise your profile. You’re also more interesting to talk to if you’re more passionate about acting. I don’t need to do those things, and I also suppose I’m just private. I find it slightly uncomfortable to see my face on a bus or a poster. I like just being known by my friends and family.”

Previously Rachel Gleeson, who may or may not have been the sibling afflicted by Jack’s despicable ways, also told the Irish Independent about her brother’s hatred of fame.

“Jack is different too as he is very instant and sees himself very much as a pawn of the director,” she stated at the end of last year. “Maybe that’s because he fell into this at 17 and doesn’t know if it’s necessarily something he really wants.”

She then added, “You can’t even comprehend success like Jack’s and fame is not a dream for him or what he wants, it’s just something he goes off to do during the summer. He’s still figuring it all out, but I know I’m in it for the long haul.”