Chris Brown In Custody Of U.S. Marshalls

Despite the legal wrangling of his high-powered attorney Mark Geragos, Chris Brown has been taken into custody by U.S. Marshalls. He has been in a Los Angeles jail since being arrested after being thrown out of a court ordered rehab treatment center. The singer will be transported to Washington, D.C., where he is facing a misdemeanor assault charge along with his bodyguard, 35-year-old Chris Hollosy. The pair allegedly punched a fan who was trying to get a picture with Brown. The victim, a 20-year-old Maryland man, was treated for his injuries, which had originally caused Brown and his bodyguard to be charged with felony assault. After the police reviewed the victim's injuries, the charges were reduced to misdemeanor assault. At that point, the duo charged had spent two days in jail.

Brown was still on probation as a result of his conviction in the beating of then girlfriend Rihanna. Despite his original plea of not guilty, and allegations that Rihanna had hit him, the singer eventually accepted a plea bargain that would see him avoid jail time. He was sentenced to five years of supervised probation, community serve, and was ordered into a domestic violence counseling program. He did eventually take responsibility for his actions, posting a video on his You Tube page apologizing to his fans. The video, which was filmed against the advice of his attorneys, was taken down from Brown's page quickly.

The singer has also said, in interviews where he was accompanied by attorney Mark Geragos, that he grew up watching his stepfather abuse his mother. His mother, Joyce Hawkins accompanied him during an interview on Larry King Live, and defended her son, claiming he had never been a violent person. Brown, apparently in denial, claimed that the night he assaulted Rihanna was a blur; despite the fact that he had gone to his mother immediately after the assault and told her everything that had happened.

Brown had not completed his probation when he was arrested in Washington, D.C. and the probation was revoked. This incident was not the first brush with the law that Brown has been involved in. He was involved in a brawl with singer Drake and his entourage at a club in the Soho area of New York. While eight people, including NBA player Tony Parker, Brown was not arrested as a result. In January of 2013, police were called to a recording studio in West Los Angeles, where the singer was involved in an altercation with Frank Ocean, reportedly over a parking space. Brown again avoided arrest, as Ocean declined to press charges, despite claiming that Brown had punched him.

Chris Brown will be sent back to Los Angeles to face the formal charge of probation violation after the D.C. trial is completed.