Was ‘Breaking Bad’ A Prequel To ‘The Walking Dead’? A Fan Theory Certainly Thinks So

Breaking Bad might have been the prequel to The Walking Dead, according to a fan theory that has set the Internet ablaze.

Fan theories are one of the great wonders of the modern world, as pop culture enthusiasts, connoisseurs and crazies examine and analyse every little element of movies and television to come up with crazy links between projects.

The latest comes by Donna Dickens, a writer for HitFix.com, who has noticed several similarities between the two AMC shows, which suggest Walter White and Jesse Pinkman’s drug empire was the reason for the zombie apocalypse that is now the home to Rick Grimes and his depressing posse.

Dickens’ first example comes from Bloodletting, the second episode of Season 2. Daryl reveals that his brother, Merle, was a drug dealer before the flesh-eating new inhabitants of Earth took over. He takes out a plastic bag filled to the brim with various substances in order to help out the ailing T-Dog’s fever and amidst the several plastic tubs of different drugs you can clearly see some blue crystal meth, which was clearly a reference to Walt and Jesse’s Blue Sky.

Of course, many people believe that was simply a little wink to Breaking Bad from The Walking Dead’s creators though.

However, more evidence has now materialised in the form of a certain Dodge Challenger that pops up in both series. Glenn can be seen driving the automobile in the second episode of season one as he goes through the walker filled streets, and it was also in Breaking Bad’s Problem Dog, the seventh episode of the fourth season.

However, the theory starts to go a bit thin here though because we actually see Walt blow up the Challenger in the same instalment. Maybe, Glenn was able to rebuild it – but it would be interesting to know why he was all the way over in New Mexico.

The final link came in episode 12 of season 4, which saw Daryl describe Merle’s drug supplier. Daryl explained, “Merle had this dealer. This janky little white guy. He says, ‘I’m gonna kill you, b*tch.'”

Step forward please, Jesse Pinkman. Janky (I’m not really sure what that means. Urban Dictionary say inferior quality so I’ll go with it) little white guy? Check. Preference for using the word ‘b*tch’? Double check.

We won’t be convinced until we see Bryan Cranston’s Walter, Skyler and Walt Jnr in zombie form though.

What do you think about The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad theory?