LeBron James Will Leave The Heat; Here’s How We Know

LeBron James is saying all of the right things right now to let you know that he wants to stay with the Miami Heat, but if you read between the lines, could LeBron actually be dropping hints that he will be leaving?

Although Miami Heat President Pat Riley believes that LeBron — along with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh — will all be back next season, according to a report in USA Today, there are other signs that indicate that LeBron might be gone. Do we need to spell them out for you?

LeBron Did It Before

Lest you forget, nobody really expected LeBron to leave Cleveland Cavaliers, given the ties that he had to the Cleveland area. Still, he did it. While there was some vitriol pointed toward him for a while, a couple of NBA championships cured that. People will be angry if he leaves Miami, but it won’t ruin his legacy.

Phil Jackson’s in New York

Now that Phil Jackson is running the show for the New York Knicks, you can bet that he is going to lay out a pretty attractive offer for LeBron to come to play in the Big Apple. In addition to getting an opportunity to play at Madison Square Garden, James also would get an opportunity to play with good friend Carmelo Anthony.

Looking to Get Paid

Sure, LeBron makes more money from endorsements than he makes from his NBA salary anyway, but for one of the greatest players of all time, the Heat aren’t really paying him like one. Look, $19 million a year is nothing to feel bad about, but if Kobe Bryant makes $30 million a year, you’ve got to believe that LeBron would want even more.

Make His Own Legacy

One of the main critiques LeBron faced after he left Miami was that he was going to Dwyane Wade’s team instead of building a legacy around his own team. Perhaps James has realized that he wants to finish what he started and decides to return to Cleveland. Now that the Cavaliers have the game’s most-exciting young point guard in Kyrie Irving, LeBron would have that co-star he desperately needed during his first time with the team.

What do you think that LeBron should do? Would you be interested in seeing James play for another team or do you believe that LeBron James would be best served staying with the Heat. Let us know in the comments.