Artists Provide ‘The Solution’ To Orlando’s Art ‘Problem’

Orlando, Florida is a city associated with tourism. It’s a place dedicated to providing a grand vacation to tourists, either it be riding the movies or having your dreams come true. Despite it’s prominence, Orlando is not known for art, even though there is easily a prominent art presence within the city.

It is a shame that Orlando, a city well-known and popular across the country and around the world, for its theme parks, multicultural cuisine, amazing resorts, epic dinner shows, and hospitality, is lacking in the visual arts department. Actually, the majority of Central Florida is lacking in their worldwide scope as it pertains to art. As of now, there are two displays of art precedence within the area. The first is the world-famous Nude Nite Art Show, which has been reported here on The Inquisitr. The second is the not-so-crowded city of Melbourne, Florida, which actually has its own art district complete with side-by-side galleries, art shops, and museums. They even have designated art shows such as the Eau Gallie Art District’s Friday Fest or the Melbourne Art Festival located in Historic Downtown Melbourne.

The Solution-Monophobia

True Orlando has plenty of art leagues and art clubs, but it seems they can’t seem to unify for the greater cause of making Orlando a prominent art city, despite how much talent lives there. One such place to see the showcase of artistic endeavors is Orlando’s Church Street located in Downtown Orlando. There you’ll see numerous artists create on the street corners, showcasing their talent. Yet, Church Street is not recognized as an art area. Ergo, the city has artists, but no real representation.

Enter “The Solution”, a group dedicated to bringing visibility to artists, and their art, who live in Orlando. Their mission best describes what they are aiming for, as seen on their Facebook Page:

“Dissatisfied with the visibility of the Orlando art scene on the national and international stage, The Solution was founded by core members Victorious Fidelis, Yve Illz and Trent Stokes as a way to offer a fresh addition to already reputable Orlando based art collectives.”

“Over time the group found others with a similar mindset, artists passionate and serious about their craft. The group was also founded to defy labels. Rather than subscribe to a uniform visual style or a predictable approach, the collective prides themselves on their vast diversity. From abstract expressionism to neo classicism, from spray-paint to oil glazes, each member is distinctive in their contribution, keeping the group impossible to pigeonhole. “

“Together, the group is determined to add to the diversity of the art coming out of Orlando and cultivate and nurture a vast spectrum of styles and mediums. To broaden the definition of fine art by introducing unexpected and innovative art making, as well as inspire an appreciation for old-world methods and styles. They want to shake loose tired old notions of what is ‘expected’ of an artist and continually defy and surprise. As a new voice on the scene, they want to stand alongside other established Orlando-based talent as a force in their own right, enriching the city’s reputation as a serious contender in the arts.”

So far, the group consists of artists Victorious Fidelis, Trent Stokes, Marcela Rivera, Yve Illz TBG, Natasha Brockman, Jamile B. Johnson, and Genevieve DeMarco. They hope to present different forms of art, no matter what the medium may be, to Orlando’s forefront. They will start their journey when they hold their next exhibition, which happens on April, 4th at 6 p.m. at the Orange Studio.

To see what “The Solution” is all about, just watch this wonderful video profiling one of their artists, Natasha Brockman.

[Images via “The Solutions” Facebook Page]