Lea Michele Going Hardcore For Sons Of Anarchy?

Lea Michele has been a member of the Glee cast since 2009. She plays motivated student turned Broadway star, Rachel Berry. Since the beginning Rachel has been one of the main characters in the story, becoming more prominent as the series went on. However, next season will be Glee’s last. What will become of Lea Michele?

The rumors are certainly piling up. It’s been said that she might be heading to a spin off series, “The Lea Michele Project.” There’s also been speculation that she might join the cast of “American Horror Story: Freak Show.” As of March 29, new rumors began spreading that the actress portraying clean-cut Rachel Berry might be toughening up, and taking a huge step outside her comfort zone, for a trip to Charming.

Twitter has jumped on the possibility that a communication between Sons of Anarchy executive producer, Paris Barclay, and Sons writer/director/actor, Kurt Sutter, might indicate that Michele is at least being considered for a part.

Barclay tweeted, “Lea Michele at the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards popcrush.com/lea-michele-pi… @popcrush @msleamihele Yo, @sutterink! She ready for CHARMING, or what?” Alone, that quote does nothing to prove anything, but Sutter replied, “@Harparbar @PopCrush @msleamichele Smoking hot. All class. Charming could use a p*ssy upgrade. And count on me to keep us in the gutter.”

It’s been a tough year for Lea. On July 13, 2013, her fiancé and co-star, Cory Monteith, passed away from a drug overdose. Michele mourned in private and had to endure a very quick recovery from the incident in order to continue work. After nearly a year of being contacted to discuss her lover’s death, it’s about time she caught a break. Even if these possible appearances are rumors, it’s nice to hear about something good finally happening for Michele.

Good it is, too. Members of twitter who responded to the short conversation seemed very interested in seeing the casting choice go down. In fact, there was only one member who didn’t want to see Lea Michele take up a part in the Charming cast. She certainly has the acting chops necessary to pull it off, but how easy will it be for the once child-star to shed the goody demeanor in order to play the bad girl role?

As of now, it’s all still a rumor. Posted so close to April 1rst, one has to wonder if this was built up as a kind of April Fool’s Day joke. What do you think?