Wrestlemania 30 Rumors: CM Punk Will Make Dramatic Return, Steve Austin Says

Wrestlemania 30 rumors have been kicking into overdrive after CM Punk left the WWE earlier this year, but at least one wrestling legend thinks Punk could have a dramatic comeback planned.

CM Punk abruptly and dramatically left the WWE in January, asking that he be taken off the appearance schedule and then taking leave. Though neither CM Punk nor the WWE have spoken directly about why he left, sources say the wrestler was growing tired of the demands of wrestling.

A source told Power Slam about the real reason CM Punk left the WWE:

Worn down by the match schedule, CM Punk was not satisfied with his in ring performances and felt his fans weren’t seeing his best. Meanwhile, the bumps had caught up with him, he was said to be in great pain each time he used the Randy Savage elbow drop. Outside the ring he was tired of butting heads with management backstage and had been disheartened by for some time with the knowledge that he would never be pushed as WWE’s top man, no matter how good his promos and matches were because he doesn’t fit the prototypical WWE wrestler profile.

The source went on to say that CM Punk left after realizing he would never rise to superstar stature with the WWE, but new Wrestlemania 30 rumors indicate that he could have a change of heart.

Former WWF/WWE superstar Steve Austin made the prediction that CM Punk will make a comeback just in time for the WWE’s biggest event.

From The Steve Austin Show:

“I’m telling you, I’m going to stick to my prediction that CM Punk is going to make his return at WrestleMania 30 in New Orleans. I made this prediction two months ago here on the show. It’s been a long time, I think he’s cooled his jets, he’s got some rest, and I think it’s time to get back to work. I don’t see him participating in a match but it would be great to see him in a run-in to establish himself, to entrench himself immediately in a memorable and just a great moment, and I would say plant himself firmly in the middle of an angle, because he would be the angle, by attacking whoever he sees fit to attack or asserting his presence rather, whatever the case may be. But I see CM Punk coming back at WrestleMania 30. Who knows if it will happen. We will know in about six short days when WrestleMania actually happens.”

If the Wrestlemania 30 rumors are true, then CM Punk could return to the superstar status he’s been longing for.