Demi Lovato Takes A Pie To The Face As Fifth Harmony Gets Their Revenge

Demi Lovato definitely knows how to take a joke. However, that doesn’t mean she isn’t avoid dropping a few expletives in the process.

The “Neon Lights” singer famously pranked the girls of Fifth Harmony by covering the lasses in silly string. According to Sugarscape, Lovato put the singers through a proper prank during a recent tour stop in Indianapolis. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take very long for the girls to plot their revenge against Demi.

Check out a clip of the silly string incident below.

E! Online explained that Fifth Harmony took a moment to give thanks to Demi Lovato for allowing them to tag along during the Neon Lights Tour. While the singers were showering the performer’s praises, they decided to toss a cream pie to the face. Although Lovato definitely had a laugh, she also dropped a few choice words during the exchange.

Check out Demi Lovato getting hit with the aforementioned dessert below. Keep in mind that her response is very genuine, which means there are swear words involved. Try to keep the volume down if there are youngsters in your presence.

Here’s the impact:

And here’s the response:

“I had to end with a pie in the face,” Fifth Harmony singer Dinah Jane Hansen wrote on Instagram.

To show that she’s a good sport about the whole thing, Lovato posted a photo on Twitter shortly after the pie toss went down. She also proved that she manages to look fantastic even when she’s on the receiving end of a particularly messy prank.

However, just because Demi is having tons of fun behind-the-scenes doesn’t mean she’s forgotten the fans out there who are struggling to make it through each and every day. Sugarscape reports that Lovato took a moment during her stint in Nashville to share some personal information with those in attendance.

“I’ve had a rough couple years. Alright, I guess a couple of years ago it was rough. Now I’m pretty f***ing happy. But I share my story because I meet so many of you guys that tell me that you are going through the same issues that I dealt with. Like self harm, which is something that is so taboo to talk about, and I wanted to take that stigma away from it so people have the courage to get help,” Lovato said.

She continued, “You tell me about other things that you deal with like being bullied or having an eating disorder or having a substance abuse problem and I want you to know that I’ve been through all of that…I want you guys to see that if you open your mind and hard to surrender to happiness you can truly have a better life.”

Did you catch Demi Lovato during her Neon Lights Tour?