Texas Chupacabra Reportedly Captured Live [Video]

A Texas chupacabra was reportedly captured live in Ratcliffe. Jackie and “Bubba” Stock said they trapped the mythological creature on Sunday evening. Although numerous sightings have been reported throughout the Southwest United States and South America, scientists insist the legendary creatures simply do not exist.

Chupacabra is a Spanish term, which literally translates into “goat sucker.” According to legend, the vampire-like creatures are almost entirely hairless with sharp claws and bright red eyes. The unusual beasts are blamed for attacking and killing livestock and family pets.

Residents throughout the Southwest United States, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Puerto Rico, have reported finding animal carcasses, which are completely drained of blood. Others have come forward with eyewitness accounts and photos, which provide compelling evidence of the creature’s existence.

Although there are numerous reported sightings, nobody has ever captured the mythological beast.

As reported by ABC News, the Stock family said they may have living proof that the unusual creature exists. Arlen Parma, who helped the family capture the Texas chupacabra, said he has never seen anything like it:

“I hunted coons for 20 years with dogs and I ain’t never seen nothing looks like that right there… A coon don’t make that noise, or a possum. What makes that noise? I guess a chupacabra does… “

Although the Stock family believes they captured a legendary beast, scientists have offered an alternate explanation. As reported by Discovery, University of Michigan biologist Barry OConnor believes chupacabras are likely wild canines, which are infected with mange.

Mange is caused by tiny mites, which burrow under an animal’s skin. In severe cases, animals lose their hair and their skin becomes infected. OConnor said the weakened animals are forced to prey on livestock, as it is “easier than running down a rabbit or a deer.”

Most scientists agree that stories about animals drained of blood are likely due to misinformation.

Biologist Brent Ortego agrees with OConnor. After viewing a video of the Texas chupacabra, Ortego said “the animal in the cage… was some sort of a small canine.” The biologist believes the creature is infected with mange.

Although the Texas chupacabra has not been positively identified, the Stocks have decided to keep him as a pet. They said the mysterious beast is currently enjoying a diet of dried corn and cat food. The stock family hopes someone will eventually identify their mysterious new pet.

[Image via Turner.com]