Why Taco Bell Breakfast Will Be A Hit

Taco Bell announced a new breakfast menu late last month sending shock waves throughout the breakfast restaurant community. Many wonder if Taco Bell's breakfast menu will be a success, here's why it will be!

1. Taco Bell's Advertising Chops

Taco Bell has always had a knack for connecting with youthful customers. They rival any restaurant chain on social media, and put out the most unique content on websites like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Their commercials appeal to all and are very clever.

This commercial released on Taco Bell's website is a clever play on 'Ronald McDonald' and how they love Taco Bell breakfast, the widely known clown mascot of McDonald's restaurant. Of course, these Ronald McDonalds' are not affiliated with McDonald's restaurants.

2. The Menu

Taco Bell's breakfast menu is robust, putting a new spin on old classics. They did not shoot for straight Mexican breakfast options, opting for more widely known recipes formed into familiar Mexican food forms. The flagship item on Taco Bell's breakfast menu is the waffle taco. The waffle taco consists of a waffle shell filled with a sausage patty, scrambled egg, and topped with cheese, or if you prefer bacon, you can opt for the bacon waffle taco which removes the sausage and tops the scrambled egg with cheese and crumbled bacon.

Other stars of the Taco Bell breakfast menu includes the A.M. Crunchwrap with steak, sausage or egg options, breakfast burritos with the same meat options, sausage flatbread melts, which incorporates pancake to the breakfast offerings and the A.M. Grilled Taco with either sausage or bacon.

3. An Already Established Retail Pipeline

Taco Bell can already be found on shelves of supermarkets nationwide with their taco sauces, dinner kits and even desserts. One area where other fast food chains have really missed the mark is marketing their products in a frozen, take home fashion. Each one of Taco Bell's breakfast menu items can easily be transformed to a frozen foods shelf for shoppers to take home and eat any morning they choose. If Taco Bell decides to take on this marketing strategy, they end up being in the refrigerators of potentially millions of customers. When these customers choose to eat breakfast away from home, they may be more likely to choose Taco Bell due to the familiarity of their products at home. Due to Taco Bell's relationship with Kraft Foods and supermarket chains across the country, their ability to leverage shelf space inside the freezer should be a natural move.

Taco Bell offers inventive breakfast options to a landscape which has gotten stale. McDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, Burger King have all recently made plays to make their breakfast offerings more appealing to customers to entice them to their restaurants, but nothing changes the entire landscape like Taco Bell breakfast.