Lyudmila Putin Says Vladimir Was Completely Drowned In Work

Vladimir and Lyudmila

Lyudmila Putin and Vladimir Putin have finalized their divorce after thirty years of marriage. Putina and Putin announced their intention to divorce last June. The fact that Lyudmila Putina’s name has been removed from the Russian presidential website means the divorce took place. Speculation and rumors that their marriage has been in trouble have surrounded Putin’s marriage to Lyudmila. Another persistent rumor is Putin’s secret relationship with former Olympic gymnast Alina Kabayeva.

Lyudmila Putina’s name and any mention of Putin’s marriage to her have been removed from the biography page of the Russian President’s official website. References to his marriage to Lyudmila have been replaced by a note saying he has two daughters named Maria and Katerina.

Vladimir Putin’s divorce from Lyudmila Putina was confirmed by his personal spokesperson, Dmitry Peskov. He told Russian media that the changes made to the President’s website were official notice that the divorce has been finalized.

Putina, who was born Lyudmila Shkrebneva, met Putin while they were both studying at the then Leningrad State University in the early 1980s. They were married on July 28, 1983. Their first daughter, Maria, was born in 1985, and their second daughter, Katerina, was born the following year in 1986.

Lyudmila Putina and her now divorced husband spent much of the 1980s in the city of Dresden. Putin worked for the KGB in the East German city until 1990 when he moved back to Leningrad. One year later in 1991 the city changed its named to Saint Petersburg.

Lyudmina chose to keep a low profile through the 1990s. She began the decade teaching German at Leningrad State University. The few public statements Putina has made have generally been regarding the Russian education system and broader comments in favor of her former husband’s policies.

The speculation that the couple was having difficulties began in Putin’s second term following the absence of Lyudmila from nearly every public event. The couple formally confirmed rumors of their parting in a staged interview that aired on Russian state television. According to BBC News Mr Putin said, “It was a joint decision. we hardly see each other. each of us has our own life.” Lyudmina said she did not like to fly and that Vladimir was completely drowned in work.

Rumor have persisted of a possible future marriage of Vladimir Putin to Alina Kbayev but Putin and his officials have been consistently denying those rumors since 2008 according to Yahoo News. It was even reported in October of last year that Putin had secretly married Kabayev. The Kremlin responded to the rumor saying Putin’s love life was a personal matter and only the president could make an announcement on it.