Mom Who Left Children In Car During Interview Raises $85,000 In Donations

Shanesha Taylor Kids In Car

An Arizona mom, who was arrested for leaving her children in the car during an interview, has raised more than $85,000 in donations. Shanesha Taylor was charged with child abuse after leaving her 2-year-old and 6-month-old locked inside her SUV while attending a job interview.

Authorities said the car windows were open. However, the engine was turned off and the vehicle was sitting in direct sunlight. A witness eventually called 911, as one of the children was crying and the vehicle’s owner could not be located.

Police arrived on scene and called Child Protective Services to take custody of the children. However, Taylor did not return to her vehicle for nearly an hour.

When questioned, the mother said she was forced to leave her children in the car while she attended a job interview. Taylor said she had no choice, as she was unable to find affordable child care.

Shanesha Taylor’s story gained nationwide attention, as many sympathize with the single mother’s situation. Taylor and her children are homeless and she was unemployed.

In Taylor’s opinion, securing employment was a priority. She did not want to leave her children inside the car. However, she simply had no choice.

As reported by Fox DFW, New Jersey native Amanda Bishop heard about Taylor’s plight and launched a fundraiser webpage. Although the goal was $9,000, the site has raised more than $85,000.

According to the You Caring webpage, Bishop believes “an economy like ours is putting many single mothers in a position to make terrible mistakes… ” Although Taylor’s bond was posted by a local church, she is still in financial distress.

Following her release, Taylor thanked her supporters for taking interest in her situation and for their generous donations:

“Thank you to all who love and support me. I am home and safe. I was released early this morning by the grace of god… I appreciate everyone who felt move enough to help a complete stranger. I LOVE you all… My family and I greatly appreciate it.”

Taylor said she will use the donations to secure housing and care for her children.

Although she has received an outpouring of support, the single mother is facing felony charges for leaving her children locked in the car. In the eyes of the law, Taylor is guilty of abusing her children.

Shanesha Taylor’s story is certainly compelling, and it is clear that she was faced with a difficult decision. However, authorities argue that by locking her children inside the car, the mother was risking their lives.

[Image via You Caring]