Kent State Shooting Suspect Arrested By Police

A Kent State shooting suspect was captured and arrested on Wednesday night and was in custody at hospital after allegedly firing a gunshot on the campus. The campus police confirmed that the suspect was under surveillance at the Robinson Memorial Hospital in Ravenna.

No other details about why the suspect was admitted to hospital, or what his injuries are, are available at this time from the authorities. On Wednesday night, the University posted a message on its Twitter page confirming that the suspect had been apprehended and that the threat on campus was eliminated.

A spokeswoman said in relation to the Kent State shooting that the male suspect fired a single gunshot into the ground at 9 p.m., near to the Bowman Hall, an academic building. Fortunately no injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

Students at the University were advised to remain where they were as the police searched for the shooter, who was understood to be carrying a silver handgun. The advisory was later removed for all buildings on the campus apart from the Bowman Hall and the Business Administration Building, which were only cleared from the lockdown two hours after the incident.

This isn’t the first shooting incident to take place at Kent State. Back in May 1970 the Ohio National Guard opened fire on Kent State students who were protesting the Vietnam war, four students died, while nine others were injured on that day.

Controversy regarding that deadly shooting resurfaced in 2010 when a new analysis of an enhanced audio recording concluded that someone may have ordered the National Guards to open fire. However, the Department of Justice said in 2012 that the investigation into the shooting would not be reopened due to ”insurmountable legal and evidentiary barriers.”

What led the suspect in custody to carry out the Kent State shooting, albeit that it was only a single gunshot into the ground – and there were no injuries – is a mystery.