Jackie Chan To Perform Charity Concert For Operation Smile

Jackie Chan Operation Smile

Jackie Chan is preparing to celebrate his 60th birthday, an occasion he plans to mark with a charity concert in China.

While most people are content to sit back and blow out some candles, the action movie veteran isn’t going to take any time off for his latest trip around the sun. According to Contactmusic, Chan intends to perform a concert to help benefit an organization that helps children born with cleft lips.

Operation Smile co-founder Dr. Bill Magee is understandably excited about Jackie Chan’s involvement with the charity concert. Although the event will take place on April 6, the Drunken Master star officially turns 60 on April 7.

“Jackie is a dear friend and an enthusiastic supporter of Operation Smile. Jackie has played an integral role in raising funds for Operation Smile and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed his companionship throughout the years, whether it be on a medical mission or as a special guest to an event or fundraiser,” Mr. Magee said in a recent statement.

Chan has supported and spread the good word about the organization for many years. According to Look to the Stars, Jackie was recently named as the International Smile Ambassador for Operation Smile. Jackie Chan and co-founders Dr. Bill and Kathy Magee also received the National Medal for Peace and Friendship Among Nations award from the Vietnamese government in 2009.

“I have personally experienced how this surgery is life-changing, and I am honored to have been a part of this program,” Chan explained.

Casual Jackie Chan fans outside of China are probably unfamiliar with the guy’s musical stylings. The action hero has released 20 albums since 1984 and often performs the theme songs for his own motion pictures. Unfortunately, the English-language dubs generally replace his contributions with music from Stateside artists. He recently recorded two versions of the song from his latest big screen endeavor Police Story 2013.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Jackie Chan recently entered the world of boy band management. His K-pop group JJCC (aka Double JC) recently scored a hit with their new song “At First.” However, having a legendary actor as your manager definitely comes with its fair share of problems.

“It works both ways. It raises expectations but also increases the burden. If we’re not good we’re going to bring shame on our big brother’s reputation. Anyway, it’s already started so what can I do? I can only do my best and put in the effort,” JJCC singer Eddy explained.

What do you think about Jackie Chan performing a charity concert for Operation Smile shortly before his 60th birthday?

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