Jimmy Fallon And Sarah Palin Make Russia Jokes [Video]

In case you missed it Sarah Palin made an appearance on Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday during a sketch on The Tonight Show. The former Vice Presidential candidate showed the Tonight Show viewers that she still had a sense of humor as she participated in a sketch with Fallon for a short segment.

The sketch of course featured Sarah Palin playing well, herself, and Jimmy Fallon dressed up as Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. As we know this was a perfect duo because Palin in the past has been extremely vocal about her opinions on Russia.

To promote her new Amazing America series, Palin participated in a “sit down interview” with Vladimir Putin (Jimmy Fallon) via a split screen telephone call. The set up was this: after receiving a phone call from president Barack Obama, Putin decided to give his friend Sarah Palin a ring. Fallon featured in a poorly fitted suit and a comb over that would make Donald Trump jealous, picks up his cell and gives the real Sarah Palin a call.

Throughout the sketch Palin is obviously trying to hide her amusement as she makes a joke about just how close Russia is to Alaska. They also spoke about how Palin basically predicted Putin would invade Ukraine. In addition the two made a joke about the NSA, as they both wondered if someone else was listening in to their phone call. Fortunately for Sarah Palin and Vladimir Putin, it was just president Barack Obama listening in.

Some fans of Palin’s might have realized that her appearance on the Tonight Show was inevitable. Earlier on Wednesday Palin decided to tease the appearance on her Facebook.

On Facebook Palin wrote:

“Tune in tonight to the “Tonight Show” and tomorrow to “Amazing America” on Sportsman Channel (8pm ET)!”

For those who are not familiar with Sarah Palin’s new series Amazing America, the series is a program featured on Sportsman Channel. Palin’s new show reaches out to explore stories about interesting people, places and pastimes which is all connected to the outdoor lifestyle.

CEO of Sportsman Channel Gavin Harvey said of the series:

“Governor Palin will provide viewers with some really fun stories about terrific people and places across Red, Wild, and Blue America.”

This isn’t the first show that the Governor has had. Palin was famously panned as a reality celebrity after her TLC series Sarah Palin’s Alaska debuted in 2010. The show was not renewed by TLC.

Watch Palin and Fallon partake in some harmless fun below:

[Image Credit: NBC]