Did Openly Talking About Gun Control End Piers Morgan’s CNN Show?

Two days ago, Piers Morgan, the face of Piers Morgan Live, said goodbye to the show, but managed to speak out one last time about his favorite topic ‘Gun Control’ on air.

The Inquisitr had reported his stepping down from the interviewer’s chair signing off saying, “More guns doesn’t mean less crime. I’m so pro-American; I want more of you to stay alive”

Surprisingly, within a weekend the news network CNN, which hosted the hour long talk show had managed to find a replacement. US Representative Paul Broun, a physician and member of the US House of Representatives, has temporarily suspended his campaign for the US Senate and will host a new show tentatively titled “Waaaaaaay Out There With Paul Broun.” The hour-long program will feature guest interviews and an interactive segment where callers describe themselves in three words and let Broun guess their nationality.

The replacement of Piers Morgan Live was simmering for quite some time. In the wake of Morgan’s departure, the network had tapped a series of temporary fill-in hosts during its 9 p.m. time slot, including Don Lemon, Jake Tapper, Michael Smerconish and Bill Weir, reported Hollywood Reporter. Suprsingly, though Piers has stepped down, it is believed that he may still continue to work with CNN, albeit on a different project.

Piers was a strong advocate of gun control. In fact, multiple episodes of his show featured celebrities and citizens who were cajoled, coaxed or downright arm–twisted to talk about gun control. In fact Morgan’s stand on gun control was so strong that there was never a single iota of doubt that he clearly despised the liberal laws in the United States about guns. Additionally, he had begun to strongly put hypocrites and bullies on the spot and turn on the heat, said Huffington Post.

Ironically, CNN President Jeffrey Zucker, had a quite comical view about the changeover when he said, “Pompous, misinformed, liberal bombast from a foreigner has proven to be a ratings disaster, so CNN has decided to fill Piers Morgan’s timeslot with pompous, misinformed, conservative bombast from a home-grown American”, reported Peach Pundit. But what is even more bizarre is that the political spectrum appears to be against Paul Brown replacing Piers Morgan.

Piers Morgan simply loved talking about gun control and that clearly did not go down well in a country that so clearly loves its firearms. No wonder America didn’t love him.

[Image Credit | NY Times]