March 5, 2017
Taco Bell, McDonald's Play Dirty in Breakfast Wars

Taco Bell is taking their new role as breakfast providers seriously — much to the chagrin of McDonald's. Whereas Taco Bell could have chosen to quietly enter the world of breakfast without creating too many waves, the company has obviously opted for a different route.

So what has Taco Bell done to escalate the breakfast wars to a higher level? It's most recent ad campaign features three television spots during which it trots out several men named Ronald McDonald to talk about why they love Taco Bell's new breakfast menu.

Perhaps the most biting part of the ad is the voiceover at the end, which succinctly sums up what the whole commercial is about:

"Delicious new breakfast everyone can love, even Ronald McDonald."
Of course, McDonald's is not going to take the attack from Taco bell lying down — especially when the hearts and stomachs of the world's fast food breakfast are at stake. The current king of fast food breakfast followed up with this Tweet.The tweet, of course, is implying that Taco Bell is simply trying to do something that McDonald's has already done for years and years by providing breakfast. The condescending nature in which Ronald McDonald is patting the chihuahua is telling.

After that tweet, McDonald's apparently has decided to take the offensive, rather than simply a defensive, position. The company has hit a social media blitz that is giving out free coffee during breakfast hours until the middle of April.

With that move, McDonald's has made a loud statement that it will not simply sit idly by and allow Taco Bell to take its breakfast customers. Still, the largest question that remains is if people are actually enjoying the Taco Bell breakfast menu.

Business Insider decided to undertake the task of determining if the Taco Bell new breakfast menu was worth a try.

By and large, they gave Taco bell a glowing review — especially the A.M. Crunchwrap. Here's what they said:

"The A.M. Crunchwrap was our favorite by far. The crispy hashbrown and grilled tortilla provide nice textures, while the cheese and sauce provide the right amount of richness.

This mix of flavors was consistent throughout, thanks to the quesadilla-like format. You never end up with a bite of just egg, hashbrown, or cheese that you might get with a breakfast burrito."

What will Taco Bell do next? Time will tell.