Prank It FWD: Cellphone Crashing Comedian Treats Homeless On April Fools

Prank It Foward and Greg Benson feed the homeless

Prank it FWD teamed up with comedian Greg Benson to brighten April Fools for these homeless people at Ascencia Shelter in Glendale, California.

When regulars at the Ascencia shelter came in for a meal on April Fools, the last thing they were expecting was a five star meal in an upscale restaurant setting. In the video, professional prankster Greg Benson dresses as maitre d’ and greets each homeless patron at the door with a polite “nice to have you.” He then shows them to an elegantly draped table where they are served a three-course meal prepared by a team of chefs.

“Is that filet mignon? I’ve never had it before,” one elderly woman marvels. “We never get steak… homeless people. Thank you.”

Ascencia Shelter’s executive director, Natalie Komuro, tears up when Greg Benson presents her with a $5,000 check as part of the prank it forward. Her homeless patrons leave with gift bags full of every day necessities and toiletries, according to the Daily Mail.

Comedian Greg Benson is best known for his cellphone crashing pranks, which he most recently took to Disneyland. In the introduction to “Feeding the Homeless — Prank It FWD,” Benson says that “For some people, just getting something to eat is a struggle.”

After the prank, Mediocre Films interviewed the homeless.

“People just… are really judgmental. Society needs to refocus their attitude on America’s homeless” says a respectable-looking elderly man in a crisp work uniform. “My name’s Richard and I’ve been homeless for about 15 months.”

Another homeless man, Allen, says, “You don’t think you can regain your social status any more. It’s pretty degrading.”

Three percent of people in the United States are homeless. Forty percent of homeless men are veterans and 39 percent of homeless people are children.

After the interviews, the video shows us how the pranksters remodeled the homeless shelter into a five-star restaurant to treat the homeless at Ascencia Shelter. Jessie Brune, from OWN TV’s Home Made Simple, help pull the prank off by putting the menu together and, of course, cooking.

Greg Benson’s production team, Mediocre Films, teamed up with as part of their Prank it FWD series to make “Feeding the Homeless — Prank It FWD” and upload it to the Mediocre Films YouTube page, which has over 400,000 subscribers.

Prank it FWD is a series of positive pranks run by on April Fools. For every thousand views, they donate $1 to You can also watch them prank it forward in “Waitress Receives The Best Shift Ever.”