McDonald’s Receipt Tattoo: Will It Catch On?

mcdonalds receipt 2 tattoo

Stian Ytterdah, aged 18, from Norway, has two of the most unique tattoos you will ever come across. If you are an ink lover you have no doubt come across some pretty funky tattoos in your time, but perhaps none quite as wacky as Ytterdah’s.

Something possessed the young man, a little while ago, to get an official looking McDonald’s tattoo on his left arm. On Tuesday he went back to Sabel Ink, the studio where he got the first McDonald’s receipt tattoo done, to get yet another one painfully inked on.

Ytterdah spoke to the Norwegian media following his second McDonald’s tattoo, admitting to them that although it’s a bit of fun right now, it may not be so in years to come:

“Now I’m a living billboard, but I think it’s all just fun. Maybe it won’t be as fun when I’m 50 or 60 years old, but that’s my choice,” he said.

Not only that, but the whole reason Stian Ytterdah got the tattoo in the first place was due to a kind of bet he lost with his friends while buying a burger at a local McDonald’s:

“A couple of my friends thought I had been a little too active towards the ladies lately and wanted to punish me. When we were at McDonalds on Monday, they said I either had to get a Barbie tattoo on my ass or the receipt on my arm,” he revealed.

It goes without saying that Stian Ytterdah has received a lot of media attention, worldwide, for his McDonald’s receipt tattoo, now tattoos. As such, he has also been a big hit on social media where he created a Facebook page called “The man with the McDonald’s tattoo,” which has garnered a good number of likes already.