Tiny Dog Escapes Texas Yard, Found In Ohio

Corbin, a dog from Texas, is found at Ohio animal shelter.

A dog that escaped his backyard in Texas was found in Ohio on Saturday, according to Yahoo News. The Chihuahua-Dachshund mix, named Corbin, dug a hole under his fence on March 25th.

Late Friday night, a surveillance camera at the Animal Friends Humane Society in Hamilton, Ohio recorded a woman leaving the dog tied to a bench outside the shelter. Hamilton is about 30 miles north of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Corbin ended up more than 1,000 miles from his Texas backyard only a few days after he escaped. Corbin’s human, Mike Saiz, explained how he heard of his dog’s safety:

“They called my wife and she told me that they found our dog, but she didn’t sound happy about it. I asked if he was OK and she told me he was fine. I then asked where the shelter was and she said, ‘Hamilton — not Hamilton, Texas, but Hamilton, Ohio”

The canine from Texas was soaking wet from being left out in the cold rain. “After bringing Corbin indoors, the staff scanned him for a microchip and called the owners, who they assumed moved to Ohio from Texas but didn’t update their information,” Saiz told The Cincinnati Enquirer.

WLWT, a news source out of Ohio, reports that, AFHS is trying to identify the woman who left the dog at the shelter, “Anyone with information is asked to call 513-785-6542.” The local Ohio dog warden and authorities are trying to discover how the dog ended up in Ohio at all.

Texas television station, KCEN, heard about the dog’s story and posted it on its Facebook page. After the Facebook post, Saiz was offered help from all over the country. Eventually the dog’s family got into contact with a woman who lives near Fort Hood, Texas and was in Springfield, Ohio, for her mother’s funeral.

Meanwhile, the family celebrates. “It sounds like one of those too-good-to-be-true stories,” Saiz, told The Cincinnati Enquirer. “This isn’t the first time he dug a hole under the fence. One time he was waiting for us on our front porch and the other two times we had to pick him up from the local pound.”

Last month, another missing dog was found alive after a three-year journey. That dog traveled at least 120 miles from his backyard. That dog was underweight, but miraculously in good health. The Texas dog’s 1,000 mile incredible journey to Ohio, while much quicker, still begs pet lovers to wonder, “What happened to these dogs while on the road?”