Prank Video Shows Tough Traffic Cop Reward Good Drivers With $100 [Video]

Good traffic cop

Getting pulled over by a cop for a traffic violation is usually one of the most unpleasant experiences one could have. The fear of the possibility that you’d be either cooling your heels in a court, pay a real hefty fine or even spend your weekends in a driving school are things you dread of. In fact, this is probably the primary reason people follow traffic rules and generally choose to drive safely. So, when a cop pulls you over and actually rewards you for being a great driver as part of a prank, it is certain to bring a smile to your face. Also, a prank is the last think you’d expect from a cop who have been historically known to be intolerant towards them.

Folks from over at Break did exactly the same thing. As part of their pay it forward prank, they got hold of a real life cop and a real life police car and wandered around town looking for good drivers and pulled them over. After the cars stop, the cop does the customary walk towards the “victims” car and asks them if they know the reason why he asked them to pull over. Usually, they have no clue and remain confused. It is then that the tough looking cop softens his stance and tells them they have been stopped because they were driving safely – and rewards them with a $100 bill! Now that is some prank!

The video shows a bunch of clueless good drivers getting rewarded for being good on the roads. For some people in the video, the prank came at the right time. You will notice the lady towards the end of the video who says “I really needed it.”(the money). One driver was simply rewarded for being a good driver AND for driving a hybrid car and saving the environment. Then there is a scooter rider who gets pulled over for wearing a helmet. Not all the drivers were told that it was a prank.

The video ends with the host asking people to “Pay it forward” and increase the viewership of the prank video. The proceeds from the earning that the video gets would be donated to the charity I am sure you might have seen a lot of typical prank videos. What do you think about ones like these?

[Image via YouTube]