Cameron Diaz And Jason Segel Lose Their ‘Sex Tape’ In New Trailer [Video]

Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel are reuniting for a sex tape. Now, before you start googling for more information, let us just point out that this is not a real sex tape between the Bad Teacher actors, but a new rated R comedy from the duo.

After such a successful outing with their 2011 hit film Bad Teacher, it only makes sense that these two would want to star in another comedy again. Especially when it’s from the same director that put the two stars together for their first outing. That said it’s going to be a bit different this time around. For starters Segel has dropped a ton of weight, so it doesn’t look like his nudity will be used for any hearty laughs like it was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Even though it doesn’t look like the two will be going for cheap laughs, the situational laughs that can happen from sex in general are at the forefront if going by the trailer. It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel would be up for working out a few positions for the sake of comedy. The duo don’t normally shy away from showing their bodies. Diaz has showed skin in most of her comedies, and no one can really forget Jason Segel going full frontal nudity in his blockbuster hit Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

The official synopsis for Sex Tape is listed as follows:

“With their reputations on the line, they know they’re just one click away from being laid bare to the world… but as their race to reclaim their video leads to a night they’ll never forget, they’ll find that their video will expose even more than they bargained for.”

Recently Cameron Diaz spoke to PEOPLE magazine about the sex scenes that she shared with her co-star Jason Segel while filming the comedy.

“The whole movie is lovemaking between the characters. The crew was awesome and so respectful. It’s not a vanity thing. It’s about telling a story.”

During the shoot the pair got along so well that false reports surfaced that the two were an item. Although Cameron Diaz has never dated the How I Met Your Mother actor, it seems like she found a common ground with her friend.

“There’s such trust [with Jason] We both had each other’s backs. Our day was, “My a– is going to be in your face and your package is going to be in my face! “Sometimes I would stop in the middle of a scene and go, “Everybody hold on! Do you realize we’re getting paid to do this?” We had such a fun time laughing our a—– off, having such gratitude that this is our job.”

Check out the NSFW red band trailer of Sex Tape below:

Sex Tape arrives into theaters on July 25.

[Image Credit: Sony Pictures]