Hannah Montana Comeback? Miley Cyrus Fans Pranked On April Fools’ Day

Hannah Montana April Fools' Day

Hannah Montana fans probably felt a jolt of excitement as reports of a one-off special and movie started making the rounds online. Unfortunately, it was all a clever ruse perpetrated by a few websites on April Fools’ Day.

It’s always best to approach any news story with extreme caution on the annual day of crazy pranks. While some websites were a little too quick to cover the story — the folks at the International Business Times posted and later deleted coverage of the special — others were a bit more skeptical of the reports.

One of the Hannah Montana comeback stories seems to have originated with the pranksters over at Entertainmentwise. According to an anonymous source who spoke exclusively to the site, Cyrus was seriously considering a return to her famous character for one episode.

“Miley’s return to the much loved character will give fans of the show a chance to see what Hannah’s been up to over the few years. It should be very interesting,” the insider reportedly dished. Of course, the whole thing was nothing more than an April Fools’ Joke.

FansShare was also responsible for spreading some info about a proposed Hannah Montana movie, a project that would reportedly begin filming at some point during 2015. According to the site, producers hoped to have the movie on the big screen later that year.

A source allegedly told the website:

“Miley is have a difficult time of things lately and the negative comments have been getting to her a lot more than she has been letting on. After sitting down with her team they agreed that the best way to win back her fans was to go back to where it all began. Miley was reluctant to start with but now she cannot wait to start shooting the Hannah Montana movie.”

Although these websites were having some fun at the expense of Miley Cyrus fans, some people are extremely interested in a Hannah Montana comeback. If you think this writer possibly hit his misshapen head on the way to work, then check out some tweets on the subject below.

Did you fall for any of the Hannah Montana April Fools’ Day pranks?